Selbu Modern Beret

For the longest time I’ve wanted to make a fair isle beret, more specifically the Selbu Modern beret by Kate Gagnon Osbourn. A pretty little fingering weight beret with intricate detailing.

Finally, I did. And look who it fits.

Selbu modern beret

Not me, that’s for sure. I’ve known for a week it was not going to fit me, even though I stretched it hard over a plate (that was a challenge) and wore it around the house to help it relax. It just wouldn’t. It looks awful on me. But when Alice came to stay this weekend I found myself wondering if maybe….well yes I was right. It fits her perfectly.

Selbu modern beret

I decided after I took these photos though – with some helpful suggestions from Sean – that I won’t give it to her completely. It’s a bit too special to end up tossed in the sandpit or lost, never to be seen again which is so often the way with accessories. Instead, since it’s nearing summer, I’ll put it away until autumn next year and keep it here. She can wear it when she visits – by then I’ll have made another one and we can wear them together. It’s not such a close fit that it runs the risk of never being worn at all. There’s room for her to grow in it.

Selbu modern beret

I really enjoyed knitting it though. After a break of YEARS since my last major foray into fair isle, I felt ready to dip my needles back into the water. It’s so lovely watching the patterns form. I think all that went wrong was that my gauge was too tight. It’s a pattern that can run small anyway. I tried to keep it on the loose side but clearly needed to just go up a needle size or two.

I loved my yarn choice – The Fibre Company Canopy fingering weight – which is what the pattern was actually written for. I in fact bought two skeins of purple for a friend’s birthday, and two of green for me – but when I saw them together I realised we could both have one each and knit a project together, which we did – same pattern and everything. Hers fits. Mine doesn’t. You win some you lose some.

I’ll just have to knit another one and Alice and I can have matching Selbu Modern Berets. That’s no bad thing.



13 thoughts on “Selbu Modern Beret

  1. I read a post on Ravelry by a woman who made this pattern, and she used a size 3 needle to make it large enough to fit her head. Also suggested 1 or 1.5 for ribbing rather than 0. Lovely beret, and your colors are so pretty!

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  3. Lovely hat & looks great on Alice. I have also been wanting to knit this pattern and it’s good to read about your experience in knitting it.

  4. Aw.. that’s a bummer. You’re a trouper to see the good side, though. And I suppose there is, if you get to knit with Fiber Company yarn again, right? And it will be cute for you both to have them, too!

  5. Such a shame it doesn’t fit. I too have this pattern in the long list of knots that I would like to knit. It looks cute on her and look forward to cute Aunt and Niece photos next year

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