Progress. Of Sorts. The Estonian Edition.

Some knits are in for the long haul. You just know they’re not going to be quick. I think there’s a certain amount of making peace with that idea that we (Ok, I) have to make. I’m not adverse to a slow knit. I just spent three months on a cardigan. But that’s about my limit. If something takes longer than that I start to get a gnawing, niggling sensation that maybe I should be done by now.

Crown Prince Detail

Once in a while I just know that’s not going to be possible. Yes I could have been entirely monogamous to my Crown Prince Shawl and had it done in that time. But then I’d never get any other projects done like hats for Alice or the last of the winter cardigans. Truth be told I think my Crown Prince, a huge piece from Knitted Lace of Estonia, will be done over summer when it’s too hot to handle anything heavier.

That said I have been tinkering away lately, mainly on my days off, home alone in good light, without the influence of an evening glass of wine, and making some lovely progress. It’s not a chore. Trust me when I say it’s not a difficult project. It’s just slow. Some rows even get into a nice rhythm. There’s a fair amount of repetition. It really is a very good lace project. But it’s not a sprint. It’s a very long marathon. Perhaps like running the length of the east coast of Australia. Yeah. Just like that.

Crown Prince

It’s gonna be big. Really big. An enormous, sqaure, nupp-ridden piece of lace that I’ll probably wear once a year and keep wrapped up in tissue paper the rest of the time.

But it’ll be worth it. Of course it will. Because I’ll remember that I knitted hundreds of nupps, that I laboured over every stitch, that I watched A LOT of period drama while doing so and that it’s mine.

Crown Prince centre

These are the thoughts that keep me going when it seems progress is slow.

I’m content.



18 thoughts on “Progress. Of Sorts. The Estonian Edition.

  1. That project looks like it will be worth the time and effort. I’ve been kind of allergic to long-term projects, but I’m determined to do a sweater for myself after the holidays.

  2. Looks lovely and I do agree that it’s a project that you can’t rush. I have knitted a really long shawl and it took me quite a while.

  3. What a gorgeous color. I’m not exactly sure when I transitioned from a product knitter to a process knitter. It’s all in the mindset though, isn’t it?

  4. Soooo pretty! I try to make myself remember that the MAKING is sometimes as enjoyable as the being done. Doesn’t always work, but I try!

  5. Yeah, I get kind of antsy if projects take too long. If they take that long it’s usually because I lost interest. And it’s hard to regain interest when there’s so many other awesome projects out there.

  6. Oh what beautifulness. I definitely think there is room for this kind of big scale super special project. I always think of my knits in progress as a portfolio of knits for all sorts of different knitting moods and needs 🙂 Love the things you’ve been making alongside this – your range of hats is particularly impressive.

  7. I think it is looking amazing! And I don’t think it matters if you never wear it, but just admire it every so often! Knitted lace is just such a thing of beauty.

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