Cassia Tunic

I love an impulse knit. No planning. No days/weeks/months of deliberation. This newly finished top for Alice is one of those. A pattern that had been  in my queue for ages, it leapt off the screen at me one day and before I knew it I had leftover blue and white cotton in my lap and had cast on, feeling my way through the notion of blue and white stripes.

Cassia was born. Another Tikki pattern. I never tire of them.

And here she is.

Cassia tunic

Designed to be a dress or a tunic, I always knew I’d go for a tunic. All that cotton, in a calf length dress, would just be too heavy. I was sure of it. A tunic is more versatile.

Cassia tunic

I was never going to leave the pockets off. I could picture Alice with her hands in the pockets and knew she’d love them, which she did. The moment she discovered them it was all ‘oh there are pockets! I can put my hands in them!’ Yes and a million other treasures, I’m sure.

I love Bendigo cotton for tops and dresses for Alice. It’s soft, durable and holds up to continuous washing. She’s not wearing anything under the top and she said it felt soft against her skin. Can’t beat that.

Cassia tunic

Miraculously the little pale blue buttons I used for it were a magical find in a box of buttons that came as a grab bag from Addicted to Fabric. You know those big barrels of buttons some places have, and you can buy them by the scoop? You don’t really know what you’ll end up with. Those little blue buttons were in that scoop. What luck!

As I was knitting the stripes, I kept thinking of it as Wedgwood colours – that lovely white against duck egg blue is so evocative of Wedgwood crockery. I didn’t even know until I first saw the stripes emerging. Love it.

Cassia tunic

Knitted in a little under a month, in a size just bigger than she actually needs, I hope it’ll be a good year round piece. Come winter, I can see it over long sleeve tops as a layering piece – and as a warm weather top that will let the breeze move in and around her body. Can’t ask for more than that.



14 thoughts on “Cassia Tunic

  1. The last photo is my favorite…Alice looks adorable and the chickens are too cute. As soon as I saw the pocket feature, I knew Alice would love them! Good job, Auntie!

  2. Hi Helen, Alice’s top looks just lovely. Each photo I see of Alice reminds me so much of how quickly she is growing and changing. Dad and I had a lovely weekend with you, thanks for being such a wonderful hostess. We always feel so special when we come for a visit. Love Mum xox

  3. Super cute!

    It’s so nice when a project just happens like this, I do enjoy all the planning and fussing and pondering as well, but the more sudden things make such a lovely contrast.

  4. Alice looks adorable in it. I love the colors too, so pretty on her. I think Tikki’s patterns are great for kids too, and the BWM cotton does knit up nicely.

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