Blackrose Socks

A few years ago RoseRed gave me a skein, a much loved, stroked and admired skein, of Sundara Sock yarn in a rich dark green-black. I loved it for a long time as it was my first ever skein of this lush, rich yarn and I wasn’t sure I wanted to make socks from it.

Black Rose socks

You see, I’m very hard on my knitted socks. Sometimes I wear through them in as little as six months, the fabric at the ball of my foot wearing away to frail, lifeless threads in one ever-exposed patch, so I’m not always keen to use my special yarns on items that becomes so readily obsolete.

Black rose socks

Then I  just thought what the hell. I wear through them, I knit more. Life’s too short to worry. I know I’ll wear them happily for however long they last.

The result is these Black Rose socks, a Knitty pattern I’ve made before.

Black rose socks

I love this pattern. I loved it the first time I made it. Both times I’ve chosen nearly black sock yarn for them – there’s something about that spray of lace down the side that seems to work in a dark colour – like you need the contrast of your pale skin beneath to really see the detail of the panel.

Black rose socks

It’s too warm here for socks now but as always, I get a nice, quiet sense of satisfaction knowing I’m a little ahead on knitting for winter next year. I’ll enjoy these in the winter of 2013. I’m sure of it.



12 thoughts on “Blackrose Socks

  1. They’re very pretty, and the color is perfect. You’re right about dark colors with this pattern, I think. I have the same problem with short-lived socks; am currently experimenting with thicker soles. My darning box is getting full šŸ˜‰

  2. Your socks look great and the color really makes the pattern pop! I have too many nice skeins of sock yarn at the moment that are waiting to be knit, maybe 2013 will be the year of the socks for me.

  3. Sock yarn falls into two categories for me. If it’s pure wool, no added nylon, then I don’t make socks out of it. They just don’t last (and honestly, I do wonder why people are making it and selling it as sock yarn–it’s so misleading). If it has nylon, it can be socks. I learned the hard way that “sock yarn” isn’t always, actually, yarn for sock-knitting! These are very pretty though and I hope you enjoy them to the very last wearing!

    (Although you know what I’m thinking: I can’t wear lacy socks. Brrr!!!)

  4. Gee they look great. Perfect yarn for the pattern! (Did you have a bit left over for darning?!). And totally worth using your “nice” yarn for socks. You will still love them while you wear them! And maybe you can turn the legs into wrist warders or something when the feet go?

  5. I think Sundara was my first “indie dyer/tough to acquire” experience, and it may have been the end of socks for me; I just couldn’t bring myself to use it on socks and ended up finding other things to do, and then didn’t look back. It’s beautiful stuff, isn’t it, though, and your attitude is better – this way you’ll get to wear beautiful socks and enjoy them!

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