Twirling at the Opera

What little girl doesn’t love a skirt with a whole lot of fabric in it for twirling? I think you’d have to look far and wide to find one. I made a twirly skirt for Alice recently and she wore it on Saturday to the Voices in the Forest concert at the newly planted Canberra Arboretum. Opera in the sunshine, on soft green grass, with a picnic, family and friends. It was lovely.

New Twirly Skirt at Voices in the Forest 2012

In this photo we had just arrived. People were still filling up the seats. There was plenty of room for twirling.

You might notice a lack of a forest. So did Alice. She was well primed for a forest experience. It’s a new forest – it’s built on the site where much of Canberra’s pine plantations were destroyed in the 2003 bush fires that devastated our city. Some of the trees are smaller than she is. We had to tell her it was a baby forest and one day, when she’s big, it too will be big. She was ok with that and went on with her twirling.

Twirly skirt from back

This was a fun skirt but not necessarily as simple as the pattern suggested. Or maybe that was just me. It’s a design by Little Bird Patterns, whose designs I’ve used before. I found the gathering really hard. Thankfully my mum visited after I’d unpicked it all in frustration and helped me pull it off. It was a bit of a forehead slapping moment. Oh! You mean you do it like THAT!

Well there’s a new string to my bow.

Twirly skirt

I knew I was onto a winner with this skirt a few weeks ago when Alice saw it, still in progress and said ‘when can I wear the beautiful dress?’ I breathed a sigh of relief.

The fabrics are all from the stash and quite by chance we ran into the person who donated some of those fabrics to my stash at the concert. Fellow knitter Gretchen was not far from us with her three girls, who probably all had dresses and skirts made from these fabrics when they were small – she recognised the scraps in the skirt right away. I hope she was pleased to see they’d been put to fruitful use.

Our lovely Miss A certainly looked gorgeous in them and I think I know what I’ll be making more of in summer. Who am I to deny her the joy of twirling?

Twirly skirt at the opera



17 thoughts on “Twirling at the Opera

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  2. What a very cute skirt for a little cutie. Alice looks like she loves twirling so perhaps she needs a few different ones to wear when it warms up. It would be interesting to see the landscape when she is 21 in the same spot wouldnt it.

  3. I LOVE that you ran into the fabric donor – that is too awesome, and a much deserved reward for such a great FO! Very, very cute! (Though I confess when I read the title I thought YOU would be twirling… but that might just be my lack of coffee this a.m….)

  4. Cute skirt! And what a great outing for a little girl. I agree with Sarah, we all need more twirling (although I’d probably collapse in a heap from dizziness)! My DD called them twirly-whirly skirts when she was little and wasn’t too keen on straight dresses that didn’t twirl — unless they were pink!

  5. It’s great to see the fabrics doing the rounds of the kids. One of the saddest things about when they grow up is they don’t wear those gorgeous little dresses anymore. Delighted to keep it all going!

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