Gloves for Italy

Several weeks ago a friend told me she was, through some very good fortune, going on the trip of a lifetime.

In the 1950s she migrated here from Italy as a two year old and grew up as the daughter of a western plains farmer. In all those years, she has never been back to her homeland and was not sure she ever would. The day she told me she was going home, through a stroke of good fortune, she had tears in her eyes.

I’m the daughter of a migrant, from England. My mother didn’t return home until forty years after her arrival in Australia so my Italian friend’s story resonated with me deeply. Going home is huge. I’ve listened to her plan and pack and dream for the last month, preparing to set out for the journey she never thought she’d make.

I had to think quickly about what to make for her. Heading north, leaving behind a baking Australian summer for the chill of an Italian winter, I wanted her to have something small but warm. Gloves or a hat? I’ve never seen her wear a hat. Gloves it was. I whipped them up over a couple of weeks.

Reading Mitts

These are the pattern known as Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts. I wanted something unfussy for my friend, but still elegant. The picot edge struck that chord for me.

Reading mitts

I gave them to her this afternoon, just a few days before the journey begins. She was so touched and better still, she said gloves were on her list of last things to buy before going and now she doesn’t have to.

I love this pattern. I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply in Autumn Glow, leftover from Alice’s Cardigan. I changed nothing, choosing to keep them as long as the pattern stated even though I wondered if they were too long. But I pictured her slim wrists under a coat and thought these would go well  under coat sleeves. She agreed.

Reading Mitts

Only one glove per photo though – it’s hard to photograph both your hands at once.

This was the second gift for a friend heading to Europe – the next post will cover the other one!

I look forward to hearing, hopefully, how these gloves kept her hands warm as she meets up with long missed family in a place far, far from Canberra.



9 thoughts on “Gloves for Italy

  1. Very sweet, Bells. So thoughtful. I have a half finished pair… Not sure why I stopped (probably something shiny beckoned…) but now will motivate to get out the yarn (Berroco Ultra Alpaca) and complete the second – they’re so pretty!

  2. Ohhh, Italy. I’d go back in a heartbeat. I’m much farther removed, generation-wise, but it felt like Home. And how nice, for your friend to be able to bring a handmade (and useful!!) gift along on her trip.

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