A rash, impulsive purchase a few weeks ago at the Suzy Hausfrau pop up shop lead to some fun and equally impulsive knitting.

You may have seen this book around the traps. Two Norwegian blokes who run a business out of an old train carriage. So dorky looking they’re amazing and gorgeous.


Before I’d even arrived home that day I knew I’d dig out two balls of Knit Picks Palette I’d been hoarding for so long. Their time had come. Isn’t it wonderful when yarn you’ve had forever finally finds its purpose?

Within a day I had my first Julekuler – or Christmas ball.


Such fun. And not as fiddly as you might imagine.

I soon made another.

Icicle Christmas ball.

This one went to my sister, Adele, on the weekend. She said it looked like a little jumper. So true. Many of the designs have come from traditional Scandinavian motifs.

One more. This time with red as the main colour. This one is wending its way north as we speak.


So really I only have the first one hanging on my tree. Whether I make another one before Christmas is uncertain. Perhaps making one more item for my tree each year is a nice way to mark the occasion, and leave room to share some with others.

I just love them. Between these and my Selbu modern hat from a few months ago, I’m getting my desire for fair isle back and can see larger fair isle items in my plans for 2013.

If I don’t write again before Christmas, I wish you all a very merry time with friends and loved ones.

Safety, joy and fun.

Thanks for reading again in 2012.



12 thoughts on “Julekuler

  1. loved the book when I saw it at our Library but not enough to [so far] attempt colourwork. Too many complicated fairisle disasters in the 80s. I shall admire yours from afar instead.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Bells

  2. Love those balls. I saw the book but had already splurged at the store on the swift.

    I happy christmas to you and Sean and I hope Miss Alice has a wonderful time. Just the right age for all the joy.

  3. And thanks for still WRITING in 2012! I miss so many old blogging friends, and it’s nice to keep up with at least one of them! I wish you all a happy Christmas and a new year filled with only good things – including more writing!

    (I have been tempted by that book for a while; it keeps making its way into my shopping cart at Knitpicks… maybe now I’ll have to go for it. They would make nice gifts! And I like the idea of a new one every year!)

  4. BALLS! Love them! How did you block yours, they look very neat! Mine are a wee bit puckery, even though I tried to keep my floats nice and loose. I think it’s a great idea to make a new one every year.

  5. We had that book for sale at the Guild meeting last weekend but I didn’t buy it! The balls look lovely; for some reason, DD has chosen to teach Older Grandson to call them baubles — and he does!

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas too!

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