Summer Days

Christmas and New Year has been quiet here. Not hosting Christmas means there isn’t really a lot to do in terms of baking or menu planning. That was all in the hands of my in-laws this year.

Christmas day saw us drive out to the country, to Young, the cherry capital of Australia. The landscape is dry, windswept and beautiful.

On the road to Young.

When my father in law saw this photo he said ‘that’s Australia at Christmas’. Well, one part of it anyway.

Most of our time off has seen us being at home, just being. It’s at once a much loved way to spend summer – away from crowds – and at the same time strangely subdued. I do have the sense that there’s life and excitement happening elsewhere but I’m happy to just potter here and have the odd day out, visiting here or there, seeing people when the mood strikes but mostly just focusing on withdrawing a bit from having to be anywhere. I can garden, knit, read, do odd jobs I’ve been putting off and hide from the reality of the world a little bit. It suits me. It suits us.

And so my afternoons often look like this.

Christmas and new year 2012/2013

Sean bought me new set of Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks for Christmas (from SuzyHausfrau) and I’ve been digging through bags of years old cotton to replenish my stash of dishcloths.

Over the break I’ve sewed, decking Alice in new summer clothes. I explained to a friend the other day that the reason to make so much stuff for her now is because the time will come when she no longer wants my simple homemade items (maybe it won’t, you never know) and I can make stuff for her now that gives me experience and new skills. It’s fun. This dress turned out to be too tight across the bodice but it’ll do for now.

Christmas and new year 2012/2013

And this skirt, which the designer said would take an hour, really did only take an hour. She loves owls.

New skirt. At the coast.

There was New Years’ Eve in the city with Alice. Ice cream, fireworks and fun.

Christmas and new year 2012/2013A ride on a sheep statue (it was just pretend, she explained).

Christmas and new year 2012/2013We did get away for a couple of days though – to visit my parents with Alice while her parents had a break. It is nice to be somewhere else for a bit, even if home is where you want most to be.

Christmas and new year 2012/2013

The inlet just near my parents’ house is perfect for toddler swimming. She even put her face under. She felt very brave and none of us got sunburned given it was our first proper afternoon in the sun with less clothing on than we normally wear.

Christmas and new year 2012/2013

Now that festive stuff is over and the slow pace of days has settled into a gentle rhythm for a bit longer (I’m not back at work for a little while yet) I plan to sew more, keep working on the garden, have an airing of the stash (will wait until Sean goes back to work for that – there are some things he does not need to see!) and continue my general withdrawal from the world. 2013 begins not with a bang but with a quiet, sun filled dawning.



13 thoughts on “Summer Days

  1. Love the photo of you and Alice at the fountain, just the way she’s looking up oh so secretly at you. Like there’s a girl secret that no one else is part of.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have done quite a bit of country travelling in the last three weeks and your first picture above captures the feel perfectly! And I also hope that Alice enjoys wearing your lovely creations for years to come!

  3. I had a smile on my face when you mentioned airing your stash in Sean’s absence. I do the same when my husband is not around.

  4. The first photo is great! Very evocative.
    I can’t believe “holidays” are almost over. I’m not quite ready for the real world to start again.

  5. It looks so beautiful there. I was putting on an alpaca scarf and mittens this morning and it tickles me to think of you and Alice swimming! I am looking forward to winter here. We were just hoping for some snow…..

  6. I will never get over the oddness of Christmas in summer. This morning I’ll be driving up north for a skiing trip. I loved the landscape photo; I have to say it has more color than my drive will!

    Keith and I are big on pottering around at home, thus your quiet break sounds perfect.

  7. Both the photos of you with darling Alice are so gorgeous. You both look so happy and like you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Happy New Year my friend!

  8. Ooo, it sounds perfect!

    For me it started with 48 people in the house for “lunch” on 16th December, followed by DD and grandsons here almost every day after that, hosting Christmas Brunch for six on 25th, Christmas lunch for eleven on 29th, nursing my mother after a fall on 30th (twisted ankle — shes going home on Saturday), and continues with my sister and 17yo nephew arriving for a few days tomorrow on the way to Geelong for the National Baseball Championships (he’s on the Country NSW rep team, under 18s). I’d love some quiet, withdrawal time before the year gets back into full swing! Enjoy!

    The photo does truly represent country NSW in summer! Beautiful! You chose a tree with a lovely shape!

    Wise of you to leave the “airing” until Sean returns to work!

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