Turn A Square Gets Lost in Helsinki

Late last year when I knew a friend was going to spend Christmas and New Year in Helsinki, I knitted a hat for him. I knitted Jared Flood’s Turn a Square hat. I’d long wanted to make it and though I didn’t any of the heathered yarns available, the ones that give the original its striking look, I knew it’d work as a red striped hat and that my friend, David, was the kind of guy who could pull of this look.

Here it is modeled by Sean before I posted it to David. It’s made of both Cascade 220 (the grey, in Oyster) and Bendigo Rustic 12ply (the red, in Radiant).

Turn a square

Sure it looks a little like a bullseye from above. I have no problem with that and neither did David who, on receiving it declared he loved it, vowing to send me photos of himself wearing it against the backdrop of snowy Helsinki.

He promptly flew to Helsinki and lost it.

Yep. A week into his holiday. However, he told me none of this until he had been reunited with the hat. By his account, he felt sick that something made especially for him was so easily forgotten on a train. He says he made calls and with some difficulty managed to get someone to look for it and it was found, but by then he was on his way to Denmark and had to go without the hat.

Here he is, reunited with the hat the train station after his trip to Denmark.

Turn a square hat

I can tell from looking at it that it’s too big for him – I had a feeling it might be – I had already made it once and deemed it too small so I ripped it out and did it on bigger needles – 5mm – but probably overshot. It’s ok, the band turned over is an ok look. I’ll know better next time.

Watching the hat traipse around Northern Europe, including New Year’s eve in Lapland, has been a thrill. I’ve never had a knit go so far from home.

Turn a square hat

And just quietly, I”m relieved that David was able to find it and has managed to take it so far in a winter much colder than I’ve ever had the pleasure of knitting for. For a gift knitter, that’s quite gratifying!


ps David, look before you get off the train!


14 thoughts on “Turn A Square Gets Lost in Helsinki

  1. I’m back several hours later because OMG I have JUST made the connection that your friend David is the same David on the fb Recent Reads group! I knew he was a good sort!

  2. We were in Helsinki pre-Christmas last year and Rose-Red the hat you knitted for me for our trip also went to Helsinki, Lapland, Estonia, Germany, France and Switzerland, it is in all my photos, when I am wearing a hat…I love that hat. A hat made with love form a friend rocks!

  3. I knit that one for Chris, also in stripes, and I also found the sizing odd. I don’t recall details but I do know I had to change it up somehow. I had the benefit, though, of having the head in question right there with me while I knit. πŸ™‚ What a lovely holiday your friend is having/has had. I’m sure he appreciates having a wool hat in the snow!

  4. It speaks volumes for the Finns that it was found, turned in, and later identified in the lost and found. Someone took the time to go through all the hats and find the missing one! In America, it would have been stolen and sold on Craig’s list in about two hours.

  5. It was very kind of him to find it before he told you about the loss. It looks fabulous (and warm, and practical) – what more could you want?

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