Cute As a Button Pincushion

Since I began sewing I’ve been using a little square pincushion my mum made for me. Patchwork, pretty and of course useful. Knowing how I love that one, I decided that as a christmas gift for RoseRed this year I’d make one for her. She’s been sewing a lot lately and although I suspected she probably had one or two pincushions already, I’m of the view that says you can definitely use multiple pincushions. That was there’s always one to hand.

Here it is.

Pin cushionThat’s one side. The other side has a black button.

Pin cushionAs far as quick and easy projects go, this one is pretty hard to beat. I spent more time (as on, LOADS more time) digging through the stash looking for just the right fabrics. I would say I mulled over that for the better part of a day. I’m finding that’s often the case when it comes to fabric combinations. It does rather take the spontaneity out of projects but I had a vague vision for this and nothing was going to stop me from getting it just right.

I like to think I succeeded. It’s just so cute. And so puffy. I took it to show my mum when I visited her last week (yes, I posted this to RoseRed awfully late after Christmas!) I could tell she thought the same.

Cute, perfect and practical. It works. Looking back, I hardly think it needed a tutorial, but I followed this one. Delightfully simple.



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