A Charm Square Quilt

You know you’ve made something nice when, on seeing it, someone dear to you says ‘I’d love one just like that!’

And so it was that when I made Alice’s quilt last year, a quilt that admittedly took more out of me than it should have, my sister Adele declared she wanted one just like it. Not one to repeat a quilt pattern (yet) exactly, I set about, as her birthday approached, to make something that was more of a nod in the general direction of the original. Similar colour scheme, similarly simple design. And here it is.

Adele's quiltA simple design made from the Moda fabric range ‘Flirt.’ The front is charm squares and the rest of it is made from other fabrics in the same range. It was all, I hoped, suitably pretty and feminine for Adele who is drawn to all that is in that style.

You can see here the back of it – a pretty floral pattern in green and grey.

Adele's quiltWhen I saw that i finished this quilt in three separate sittings (one day for the piecing, one day for the quilting and one day for the hand sewing of the binding) I was stunned that I had struggled so long and hard over Alice’s quilt in the previous year. I suppose that’s evidence that I’ve grown and learned a few things.

I gave it to Adele for her birthday last weekend – she knew it was coming – and she was delighted with it. She even posed with it for me.

Adele's quilt

Front and back.

Adele's quiltI cobbled this together from a few simple baby quilt patterns, all made for using charm squares and I know for sure in future it’ll be a good style to return to for baby gifts. Adele wanted something lap size but this size is also good for small cot quilts.

That said, for now I’m done with this basic simple style. I feel like in terms of learning opportunities, it’s time to move onto something that challenges me a little more and so I have plans – ideas – schemes and some of them involve working on the growing piles of fabric scraps I seem to be hoarding more and more!

Anyway, happy birthday to my wonderful sister whose friendship and love enriches my life everyday. I hope you have lots of snuggly time under this quilt I loved making for you.



7 thoughts on “A Charm Square Quilt

  1. It is so pretty and I love a good charm pack, someone has done all the co-ordinating thinking for you. Adele looks very good posing with her new quilt.

  2. I was going to say “It’s lovely!” but everyone else already said that. Darn. But it is! Just lovely! What a great present. And I can’t get over how much Adele looks just like you in those photos! Happy birthday to her!

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