Sorello Top – A Birthday Present

For her 4th birthday, which was a few weeks ago now, Alice told me she wanted a purple cardigan. I had a few false starts with patterns – nothing felt quite right – until I settled on a sort of jumper-dress by the name of Sorello. Unsurprisingly, it’s another pattern by TikkiKnits. It came together quickly and simply and was a joy to knit.

Today as she came to stay for a couple of nights, I gave it to her. She posed before we headed off to visit Sean’s parents in the country this morning. I couldn’t be happier with a piece I thought was possibly a little risky. A t-shirt made of wool? How would she feel about it? It turns out, she loves it.

Alice's Sorello Top

It’s made from Bendigo Luxury 8ply in Iris Mist which I know from experience is soft against the skin. For the last remaining weeks of warm weather, it’ll be fine as a t-shirt. As the days grow cold, it’ll go over a long sleeved t-shirt and it’s long enough that it’ll grow with her.

Check out the detail on the back.

Alice's Sorello TopI absolutely love that panel over her bottom. It’s perfect.

We stopped on the way to our destination today at a little town called Wombat. Being Alice’s first time in this part of the world, we wanted very much to show her the statue of the wombat that is a landmark in the little town.

Alice's Sorello TopHe was quite obliging, as concrete animals go.

Later, at Sean’s parents’ house we had what I will always think of as one of the best moments ever with Alice. Sean’s parents have a cockatoo that’s possibly about 40years old. No one is quite sure because he belonged to Sean’s grandmother. He could be fifty. He’s a clever cockatoo. He can talk. He says the usual things these creatures say – like ‘Hello Cocky’ or ‘Crackers’. We had told Alice that Cocky could talk but I don’t think she really believed it until the moment he said in his loud, clear as a bell voice, ‘Hello Cocky!’

Alice and CockyI was holding her in my arms as it happened, standing right there in front of the cage, close enough to see his beak move as he uttered the words. Her face. The look of surprise mixed with disbelief, the astounding shift in understanding and experience in her buzzing brain as she took on board the knowledge that actually, some animals really can talk, was amazing to see.

In the past I’ve pretended that my chickens could talk and Alice has scoffed ‘No Aunty Bells! Animals can’t talk!’ but here today I was shown to be wrong by an ancient cockatoo with a love of dancing on demand.

You can’t make that stuff up. The best moments come as a complete surprise and sometimes, ricochet through you as they’re happening. This. This is the good stuff. This is what we live for. This is the stuff that shapes who children become, moments of great discovery and joy found in something as crazy as a talking cockatoo.

You can’t beat it.

Nor can you beat the simple, fun knits that slip easily over a child’s head. My best girl. My special, happy, amazing little niece who gives me some of my greatest moments in knitting and life. She’s worth it all.

For fun here’s a picture from her 4th birthday party a few weeks ago – a simple family BBQ in a local park for which her cousin Willem, who just turned nine, came to town. We had a ball.


Two of my favourite people. Endless joy and love and knits.



17 thoughts on “Sorello Top – A Birthday Present

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  2. Happy birthday (belatedly) to Alice! I love the sweater (jumper?), especially the detail on the back. It reminds me of the little pleats on the back of one of my skirts, so fun! Even better, Alice’s don’t need ironing…

  3. Alice is 4 now? I’m really going to have to ask her to stop growing!!! I swear it was like last week that she was eating all of the marshmallows out of my birthday cake!!!

    • Viv it was only last week. I’m sure of it. She’s a big girl now. She will tell you so, when it’s convenient to her interests.

  4. She is getting so big! It is wonderful when we see them realize something new. It was great that you were there to see it. 🙂

  5. Awww. What a sweet post. Can’t even pick what’s best of all: the sweater, cutie Alice or the writing! NIcely done on all!

  6. OHG! That sweater is beyond adorable. You are right about that panel in the back; it is perfect!

    As always, you conveyed a special time vividly. Those moments when their brains take a leap are so satisfying! She is so lucky to have you and Sean. So are her parents! I’m sure they enjoy having breaks, especially when they know she is in loving care.

  7. Great description of her moment with the cocky! I see the wild flocks around so much I had almost forgotten they can learn to talk.

    The t-shirt/jumper is lovely (a tunic perhaps). It looks like the back panel echoes a sort of peplum style without being too overt about it. And the photo with the wombat is just gorgeous.

  8. She’s getting so big! The sweater is just perfect on her and she looks beautiful, as always. Love her reaction to the talking animal. So precious!

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