Raspberry and Marshmallow Milo

When friends of ours announced they’d welcomed a little girl into their family (on International Womens’ Day no less!) I said to Sean I felt I had to knit for her.

I’ve been saying for a while that I felt the absence of a baby girl to knit for, now that Alice is so big. Knitting for toddler or bigger girls is wonderful and comes with great opportunities to try new things, but the tiny little knits, the ones you can knock over in a few days, feeling charged with the knowledge that this is possibly the first, or at least one of the first, handknits that a little person might receive – well that feeling can’t be underestimated.

Girl or boy it wouldn’t have mattered but little Ruth sent me digging into the stash in search of something suitably pretty and feminine. I don’t really do pink knitting. It hasn’t really featured heavily in Alice’s knitwear wardrobe. If you remember rightly, her first piece of knitwear from me was blue.

February Baby Sweater setHow far we’ve come from those days – that sweet, sleeping cherub now comes to stay with her pink princess overnight bag and won’t stay in her own bed through the night. Together we look at photos such as this one and “remember” that she wasn’t always a big girl with a strong desire to watch Wallace and Gromit and logical argument to every wish that opposes hers.

But I digress. The knits. The baby knits are few and far between these days so I leapt at the chance to knit something pink for baby Ruth. I found a skein of prettiest pink Cascade Ultra Pima in the stash – a skein that I bought from Suzy Hausfrau for somebody who is too big to have anything knitted out of a single skein these days and away I went. I did try to replicate the February Baby Jacket that was Alice’s first handknit but alas it didn’t work so well in cotton. It was floppy and not in a good way.

Enter the Milo top. Georgie Hallam I love your work. How many projects of mine have come from your designs? So many! Not just for Alice but for other small people in my life. You are, or should be, a national treasure.

And now here’s another. A simple, timeless little baby piece that took me but a few days and came together beautifully. I said to myself, if you can’t have a pretty pink top as a newborn baby girl, when can you have one? I threw in a few stripes in contrasting magenta for fun. A friend, when i sent her a photo, called it Raspberry and Marshmallow. Perfect really.

Milo by Tikki KnitsNo complaints, no issues, just straight forward fun knitting. I chose the owl cables (the pattern comes with five or six suggestions for different cable styles and different ways to make it more suited to different genders – she thinks of everything!) and declined to sew on buttons for the owl eyes in the end because I had nothing suitable and it was a public holiday and we were meeting Ruth’s parents at 2pm and well, I just didn’t bother. I do think the owl cables look good with buttons or beads for eyes and next time I’ll try harder.

Milo by Tikki KnitsLittle Ruth was a great coffee date. She slept, she yawned, she stretched, she pouted, she fed. She didn’t pose for photos. One day when she’s older I might have words with her about that.

Her parents have promised a posed shot of her in the top. I made the three months size and her dad (an American, by the by) thinks it’ll fit her really soon even though she’s only three weeks old. He’s quite possibly right.

I hope she’ll get wear out of it. That’s all I hope really. Welcome to the world, Baby Ruth. I think this won’t be the last piece of knitwear I make for you.



8 thoughts on “Raspberry and Marshmallow Milo

  1. That’s so pretty. I wish i had little girls to knit for. Big teenage boys don’t appreciate handknits nearly enough.

    I was born on International Women’s Day too. An excellent day for a a woman to celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday to wee Ruth.

  2. That is so pretty, and sweet, too. Love it, and love the color combination! And that baby pic of Alice – so funny how her face looks exactly the same! I mean, of course it would, what with it being her, and all, but you know what I mean. Like a mini, sleeping version.

  3. What a precious piece. There is something kind of magical about tiny knitted things. I love using pink but don’t have occasion to do so often. In fact I am going to make some pink and white mittens for me for next winter.

  4. It is just so pretty and so aptly named and I love the owl cables, they’re great. I’d be happy with no button eyes, I’ve made French knots in an emergency before. Though how many French Knot emergencies one can have eludes me.

  5. Vests are such good garments for babies – very practical and good for all seasons. And yes, baby ones are so quick! I just finished one today, after only a week and a day or two, which is pretty quick for me.

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