Polly Jean Socks

Sometimes a pair of socks flies off the needles and sometimes a pair of socks will take months. And months. My latest pair of socks took three months which seems painfully slow to me. It’s no reflection on the socks. The pattern, one I’ve made twice, is great. I just got caught up with other things and though I love the pattern, I was rather glad when they I had finished them. My relief is aided by the knowledge that they are great, great socks.

I present my second pair of Polly Jean socks.

Polly Jeans socksThey’re just so structural.There’s so much going on and yet it works. Cables, twisted rib, nicely balanced with some purl sections – it all just works. And despite perhaps looking complex (they looked complex to me before I’d made them), the pattern is practically impossible not to memorise. It all flows beautifully. I was able to knit these on the bus easily – a place where you don’t need to be looking constantly at a chart. That’s where these work. Interesting but not so challenging that you’re bound to your pattern.

Polly Jeans socks

The yarn is Blue Moon Fibre Socks that Rock – a long standing favourite of mine. The colour is True Blood, yes named after the tv show (I’ve seen one series and really liked it). It’s a great yarn when you want wearability and stitch definition.

Polly Jeans socks

One thing I did differently between these socks and the last pair I made was to go down several needles size. The last pair stretched almost beyond wearability before I’d even washed them. Sure they looked great on the day I finished them and raced outside to get a photo of them against a backdrop of matching flowers but don’t let that fool you. They were unwearable within days and their loose, floppy fabric got a hole in it in a few months and I never wore them again. A shame.

polly jean socksIs it the Socks that Rock? Is it my knitting? Is it this heavily cabled pattern? I don’t know but they stretch. This pair has done the same thing and I’ve only washed them once but the fact that I did them on 2.25mm needles has meant the stretching hasn’t been beyond anything reasonable. Yet.

Polly Jeans socks

All I know is they are attractive, warm and fun socks and as the weather turns from summer to autumn, I’m glad to have a smooshy new pair of socks to wear.



11 thoughts on “Polly Jean Socks

  1. Very pretty pattern and yarn; pity about the stretch! Time to test your hypothesis — have you a pair of socks in BMFSTR yarn that isn’t cabled? Or a pair of cabled socks in a different yarn? Perhaps it’s time to knit the same pattern in another yarn? 😉

  2. Lovely socks. I am surprised that the socks are stretchy with all that cables. When i knit cables, my socks always end up very tight. I love STR and use it for socks but both pairs were given away.

  3. Those are so pretty. I printed out that pattern a few years ago, but haven’t gotten to it, yet. Reading through the comments, I found at least one other person who had trouble with stretching. I wonder if it’s the yarn or the pattern?

  4. great colour, really shows off all the structure in the patterning. I can’t believe it’s easy to memorise, cos it looks like you’d need the chart constantly at hand?! you should totally take more credit and say it’s a concentration-knit 😉

  5. I am sad to read that your socks stretched, because they are gorgeous. I queued that pattern when I saw yours!! It’s nice to know that though they look complicated they are knitter friendly.

  6. Oh, my goodness – socks! It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen socks on your blog! What a pretty pair, too. I haven’t had much luck with STR for socks – only pair I’ve actually worn through, and rather quickly, too. The colors are so pretty, though, it’s hard to resist!

  7. Lovely socks……
    Never mind what it says on the ball band – so far as I am concerned 4 ply sock yarn goes on 2.25 needles. I can think of only one exception, a NZ yarn boosted with possum.

    Gae, in Callala Bay

  8. They look great, such a great red and a great pattern. I can’t remember the last time I finished a pair of socks. Lucky I have a few in my sock drawer to keep me going.

    I don’t know why the yarn stretches, you’d think with cables it wouldn’t. But lucky you know to use a tight gauge, I will remember that for the next pair I knit with STR.

  9. I think it’s at least partly the yarn. I really like knitting with STR but it doesn’t hold up for socks for me–nothing without a little bit of nylon does. It’s lovely yarn, but I use it for baby things and the like.

    I hope these socks last longer for you! They’re extremely pretty.

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