Bluebell Cardigan

This cardigan feels like it’s been unreasonably long in coming.  Such a gestation period for such a simple little cardigan – the reason is that in October last year, I acquired five skeins of Madeline Tosh Sport and promptly cast on an Audrey In Unst cardigan. Long story but it didn’t work out and I was never happy with the fabric and so it was no more.

As soon as i saw the Bluebell cardigan by Cecily Glowick MacDonald, I fell in love. It seemed to have all the components I love in a cardigan – simplicity of style, a flattering neckline, a hint of interest in the slight gathers across the bust, a nice shape that would work with various outfits. Six weeks later, I’d finished it.

It’s knit from the bottom up.

On Sunday morning, Alice was here and she posed with me. I didn’t see until later that there was some creasing on one side – I’d put it away a couple of days earlier and that was how it came out of the drawer. Those creases aren’t part of the design!

Bluebell cardiganThis was my first time knitting something bigger than a hat with Madeline Tosh. I’m a complete convert to this yarn. It actually lives up to the hype. I was slow to get on board because I’d read that people have trouble with mismatched dye lots and you can end up with all sorts of issues but that wasn’t the case with these five skeins. They matched beautifully. It’s a dream to knit with and even better to wear. This colour is Curiosity. Not heavily variegated but it’s certainly the most variegated fabric I’ve ever worn. I like it.

Bluebell cardiganOne of the best things about this pattern was that I learned to do short row set in sleeves, knit from the top down. What a revelation! I love everything about this and now want to find more cardigans with this style of sleeve.

Sizing wise, I’d have a different approach next time. And there will be a next time because I think this is a highly wearable piece. I’d make it a little longer, I’d probably knit one size down as it’s got a little more room in it than it needs, but all in all, I love it and I’m so glad that I got it done in time for the cooling autumnal days. It’s the perfect autumn cardigan.

I’ll leave you with a great, great picture I snapped of Alice on the weekend. She said she wanted to learn to knit. I cast on a few stitches for her – tried and failed pretty quickly to get her to do real knitting but she was just as happy to sit and pretend.

Alice "knitting" a hat.

She told me she was knitting a hat. I just love the intense concentration on her face and I love that she’s wearing an apron I made her a few weeks ago. She looks like the perfect portrait of a knitter at work. Beautiful.



9 thoughts on “Bluebell Cardigan

  1. Lovely cardigan and looks great on you. I love cardigans like this too as they are go with every outfit. Looks like Alice is on her way to becoming a great knitter like her Aunt.

  2. yay for trying new things, haven’t tried short row set in sleeves, they look like the fit well.

    the colour is very you, and the skeins look like they do match well – perfect!

  3. What a perfect in between seasons cardigan. I’ve never done short row set in sleeves and I find myself staring at the photo trying to figure it out. It’s very clever and the results are beautiful. You look really good in purple.

  4. Very pretty, Bells – I’m a huge madelinetosh fan, too. And they are the only FOs I’ve ever worn where people comment on the yarn as much as the piece itself. Alice looks awesome, as always – love that face! And out of curiousity: what happened to the Audrey? It’s on my list of things to make someday, so I wondered.

  5. I’m knitting Tang, and it has the same short-row set-in sleeves. I also knit Azami, with short-row sleeve caps. And I did it one other time previously, when the pattern called for knitting the sleeves flat with a shaped cap, and I was running short on yarn so I decided to do them top-down in the round using Barbara Walker’s directions for the short-row cap. Brilliant, isn’t it? A clever bit of knitting with a really nice result.

    I like that cardigan. It looks quite useful, as you say. And I love the boots, Bells!!

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