Froot Loop Socks and a Giveaway

Sometimes a pair of socks comes together so perfectly. It’s a reminder of why knitting socks can be so satisfying. A perfect yarn and pattern match
makes for a dream knit.

Froot loop sock

A little while ago my sister requested new socks. It’s been a couple of years since her last pair so I take it this means she wore them out. That’s always a comforting thing to know.

I dug out a pretty skein of Sundara Sock yarn and in next to no time I’d found what I thought to be the perfect pattern. Turns out it was. Froot Loop socks from Knitty. Considering this pattern is from 2008, I was surprised I’d never seen them before. Or at least didn’t remember them.

These were fun. A simple little mock cable pattern that flew by. I knitted the entire second sock in the four days before my sister came to visit. Record time! Partly that was because we spent two days in a lovely little town called Berry where I pretty much knitted every time we sat down in a cafe or pub.

Tea and knitting. Berry

Just looking at these photos, taken late last week, brings back memories of happy knitting and a happy time. A joyful experience all round.

Tea and knitting. Berry.

Sundara sock yarn, this was one was snapped up in a destash, is so smooshy and lovely. I knitted these on larger needles than stated since many said the pattern ran tight. So 2.75s turned out to give just the right fit for my sister who has slightly larger feet than I do. She put them on when she arrived for her visit and she loved them.

Froot loop socks

Sometimes I’m not sure it’s worth writing up about yet another pair of socks but actually I think they’re wonderful and sharing the happiness of a great pattern find is absolutely worth it. I think these will become a regular, go to pattern. Everyone who knits socks has a go-to pattern I’m sure, other than plain socks.

So leave a comment about your favourite sock pattern, one that’s like an old-faithful, repeat pattern, or even just a great pattern you love and I’ll offer a yarn prize in the next post.



32 thoughts on “Froot Loop Socks and a Giveaway

  1. Hi Bells,
    Love those socks! fabulous colour! I’m working on some socks from “Sock Knitting, Master Class” Ann Budd. There are some great patterns in this book.

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  3. I’ve knitted the Artichoke Socks pattern twice now and I’ll be knitting it again, for sure.

    Lucky sister to have you knitting for her!

  4. Love the pattern and the colour. I enjoy knitting socks and I am working my way through “Knitting Vintage Socks” by Nancy Bush

  5. You have a lucky sister Bells, they are a great pair of socks.
    I have knitted a few pairs of socks and don’t have a particular favourite pattern.They have all been for other people with the exception of one pair that are mine!
    I just try to find a pattern that I think will suit the recipient.

  6. I’ve often looked at that pattern and passed it over but the socks are so pretty. I shall add them to my list. I don’t have a favourite pattern, it’s whatever I am knitting now and sometimes it’s just plain ordinary socks in fun wool!!

  7. Lovely to hear about your socks, they are beautiful. I am an avid sock knitter so I like recommendations. Have to say for a go to sock pattern I like the Pillar Socks, just a little bit of lace to keep you interested. I’ve just bought COOP Knits Sock book and ebook and am getting ready to cast on Willowherb in socktopus O in Bubblegum (a bright pink)

  8. That is, indeed, a lovely combination of patter, yarn and colour! Thanks for introducing me to yet another lovely sock pattern.
    I don’t have a go to pattern except the one in my head for self-striping or self-patterning yarn, a plain sock pattern of course. When I do knit patterned socks (which is rare) I try out different patterns — I have Cookie A’s book (“Sock Innovation”) and haven’t knitted any of the delicious goodness from there yet. I have knitted some socks from “Favourite Socks” and have a pair on the needles (from “Socks From the Toe Up”) while I decide if I should frog back to the foot and make it a tad longer!

  9. I tried a new sock pattern for a swap recently and remembered why socks are so much fun. Spring forward is prob my fav multiple knit pattern.

  10. I’m not a big sock knitter lately (and realized I never put the ones I did last winter in Ravelry, so I don’t even remember which pattern they were!), but I liked knitting Whitby ( and would knit them again, I think.

    I like hearing about your knitting too. Write what you want, Bells! As long as you include your lovely photographs, of course. 😉

  11. Probably the one I go to most is the one I call “My White Bread Socks”. Just a basic stocking stitch pattern but I can dress it up with fancy stitches as required.

  12. I’ve made the fruit loops, but I think they’re a tad too tight for my feet. I’m not sure I have a sock pattern that I’ve repeated, but I do like ones that are built from ribbing (like fruit loops) since the ribbing compensates for any vagaries with gauge and my wide feet.

  13. Like Madmad, I don’t want to risk costing you overseas postage, but don’t stop writing about socks! I like hearing reviews of patterns I haven’t tried, and lord knows I need the jolt of inspiration from seeing someone else’s finished pair… I’m embarrassed to think how long it’s been since I completed a pair of socks! I get a hankering to have some on the needles and then fizzle out halfway through. Successfully finishing two the same must be a sign of a good pattern, so I’ll nominate Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Arch-Shaped Socks. I did the Aran-ish version with the twisted rib and the cable:

  14. I loved watching your progress on these!! There’s nothing better in my opinion than a cup of tea and some knitting. I’ve only made one pair of socks so far, but I’d love to try the pattern you made for Sean’s Christmas Socks! (I was snooping through your FO gallery a bit) My boyfriend would love a pair of socks just like that. Could you let me know what pattern it is?

  15. Very pretty! I never get tired of sock photos 🙂 I’ve only ever made two pairs of socks so I’m still looking for a go-to fancy pattern. Of the two I have made, I preferred Susan B. Anderson’s “How I make my socks” I will def. be checking out the patterns in the comments. Thanks!

  16. I’ll agree with the Embossed leaves as being an old favorite but one of my new finds and one I’ve made 3 times already is the SKYP (slip, knit, yo, psso) socks. Easy and looks good. I love it when a sock pattern and a yarn work out well.

  17. I don’t have a favourite one yet that I’ve actually knitted as I’m only working on my 2nd pair of socks. I do love the pattern called Ziggy though. I found them on Ravelry…of course 🙂

  18. Don’t enter me in your contest (so you can save yourself the crazy overseas postage!), but I just wanted to say how pretty they are! And that I don’t think a post about socks is a waste, either! We get to see the pretty yarn, the pretty pattern, see your pics, and hear a little about your trip. See? Not about socks at all, is it? 😉

  19. Gorgeous socks and you did a beautiful job. I love knitting socks and I do agree that a perfect pattern and the right yarn add to the joy of sock knitting. My favourite pattern is the Vanilla Latte Socks and I use the simple stitch pattern frequently.

  20. Please continue to write about any pairs of socks – I like hearing about people’s experiences with patterns, and you write about them so well.

  21. it’s also always nice to be recommended a good free pattern, so I think it’s totally still worth sharing a blogpost about your new socks 😉 These are lovely, lucky sister

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