A Funny Little Cushion and a Winner

Some time in the afternoon last Saturday I got an urge to crochet. It hits sometimes. When it does I tend to whip up a dishcloth or other small project to scratch the itch, then I move on but I didn’t feel like adding to my pile of dishcloths.

I felt like making something else quick and simple and out of the pages of a recently purchased Simply Crochet magazine, a cute triangular cushion spoke to me. Why not? I grabbed a ball of poppy red Lion Brand Cotton – which has been in stash since that brief period a few years ago when Spotlight got it in then inexplicably discontinued it.

Over the two nights of the weekend, I made this.

Triangle cushion

Isn’t it adorable? I didn’t think so at first. I thought it was over stuffed (see how you can see the white of the wadding through the stitches?) and I still think it’s overstuffed but I believe it will settle.

I’m not thrilled with how the stuffing doesn’t quite make it into the corners but I left the top hole too small for my hand to get far enough in.

All that aside, I think it’s a funny, sweet little cushion that will never, ever be terribly practical. If I was into interior design I’d say something like it was a statement piece but it’s not even really that. It’s just a triangle cushion and I will probably make another, as well as one for my sister who said right away she wanted one too – that’s a sign that something has worked isn’t it?

I quite like the button. It’s one of a pair so by rights I really do have to make a twin for this cushion. Sarah do you remember when you gave them to me? I finally found a use for them!

Thanks to everyone in the last post for your suggestions on good socks that are go-to-make-over-and-over patterns. So many of my favourites showed up in the list. And new to me patterns that I’ve been checking out. Go have a look at the comments if you’re looking for suggestions.

And now, drum roll please – the winner was drawn earlier this afternoon and the winning entry helped inform my choice of sock yarn. I had earlier raided my stash for some skeins of sock yarn that I thought would be right and when I saw that Lynne of Never Too Hot to Stitch won, I knew just what I’d send her.

Mustang Sally medium weight

It’s a skein of Socks that Rock medium weight sock yarn in the colour Mustang Sally. I have two of these and really thought the other could be shared with another sock knitter. So Lynne, get in touch and we’ll arrange postage.



14 thoughts on “A Funny Little Cushion and a Winner

  1. Cute pillow and that button adds the right touch. I also have that crochet feeling sometimes but with my basic crochet skills, I always ended up with a dishcloth.

  2. love the pillow – i think it has a very modern geometric feel. lucky Lyn, too – that Mustang Sally is a great colourway – you two should do a KAL 😉

  3. Chop sticks are good for poking stuffing into corners they are long and not too pointy. It is indeed a very cute pillow and I love the button. Yes, I remember the brief Lion Brand appearance at The BlackSpot of Doomlight!!

  4. I like the pillow. It has a cartoon feel to it, a bit of whimsy. It’s bright and wonderful. I get that crochet urge once in a while, too. I don’t know where it comes from. The last time, I pulled out some handspun yarn and made a scarf for one of my daughters. Most of the people in our “knitting” group are crocheters.

  5. Oooo, how exciting! Thank you so much. STR is a yarn I never thought to own so yummo! I can hardly wait. Perhaps my knitting on hols will be socks not a certain taking-too-long cardigan! Thanks again!

    Love your little cushion. I think you also have a certain blog friend (who also crochets I believe) who would love the colour. She hasn’t commented yet but I’m sure she’ll be by soon!

    Spotlight carried Poem yarn last winter but it seems they’re not going to be carrying it any more! *sigh* I should have bought some of that silk blend while they had it!

  6. During stuffing, too, you can use something to poke into the corners–a straight knitting needle with a nobby end would work. I have a big chopstick I use for poking out corners when I’m turning sewn things right-side-out. It’s the same idea.

    I think the cushion is cute! Bright and cheery and probably a good thing to have around going into winter–a nice shot of color!

  7. I think the pillow is adorable, and the buttons suits it perfectly! Can you use a crochet hook to snag the stuffing (from the outside) and tease/tug it into the corners?

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