Guest Interview at Suzy Hausfrau

Just a note to let you know that today you can find an interview I did with Suzy Hausfrau on her blog over here.

Suzy Hausfrau is a great local yarn business owner and blogger. She is doing wonderful things for the Canberra knitting scene and beyond.

She’s featuring knitters all week in her series for World Wide Knit in Public Day and I loved having the chance to contemplate questions about my knitting history, my stash and projects that have been meaningful to me.

In it I mention the scarf I made for my dad when I was five. My mum told me this moring that he remembers the scarf and describes it has having been ‘quite a loose weave.’ Mum told him no that wasn’t it. It was full of holes, as most scarves knitted by five year olds probably would be. Still, it was nice that he remembered it!

I’ll leave with a current work in progress – rainbow legwarmers for Alice. At the moment this one, lonesome legwarmer is actually missing. I think I lost it. Stay tuned.

Alice with one leg warmer.

I hope you enjoy the interview.



14 thoughts on “Guest Interview at Suzy Hausfrau

  1. That was a really lovely interview, and was especially touching to read the story behind Alice’s first knits. Glad to see you found the legwarmer! x

  2. I love that your dad thought the holes were a specific ‘open weave’ pattern!! Oh I hope you fine Alice’s other legwarmer, there’ll be no Flashdance otherwise!!! (I loved that film at the time)

  3. I would sew the hole in the jeans together and then embroider over the repair. Some flowers or whatever tickles your fancy. I had to do that for a pair of jeans that I ripped in almost the same spot.

  4. Wonderful interview, Bells! Glad to see this morning on twitter that you found the legwarmer. Now, are you going to do something adorable to patch that hole in Alice’s jeans? 😉

  5. I love the interview! Your knitting is exquisite.
    I still need to ask you some questions re my poor scarf I knitted in January… I think I made it too wide? I will seek advice when back in the country early July 🙂

  6. Well done, Bells! You sound (and look!) so poised and articulate! And I especially loved the part about Alice. Oh! And the part about learning to knit, too!

  7. You mention short rows being a hurdle… I just learned a new way to do them, and it’s so absurdly simple that I can’t believe I’ve been knitting for a decade without encountering it before now! Check this out:
    I’m making the Moroccan Nights pullover and that’s what introduced me to this technique. I’ve only used them to lift the back of the neck, so they’re right at the edge of the work and I can’t speak to their invisibility if placed smack in the middle of the fabric, as for bust darts. But it’s so much easier to remember how to do them that I’ll definitely be giving them a try in other garments.

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