Rainbow Legwarmers

In among the few big projects I’ve got going on, I’m trying to churn out a series of smaller instant-gratification items, which is all very well until your small items start to radically out number the big projects. At that point I ask myself if I’m just procrastinating on the big items. Yeah. Maybe.

This one was fun. For a long time now Alice has obsessed about rainbows. And when we were at the Wool Markets a while back, she was continually drawn to wool that was in ‘lots of colours’. She’s four. She’s allowed to be drawn to loud, clashing colour mixes. I wasn’t sure I wanted to knit an entire rainbow coloured garment so the idea of legwarmers came to me. I finished the second one today  in the car on the way to collect her for an outing.

UntitledAnd yes Amy and Donna Lee I know I haven’t patched her jeans yet! Today was the first time I’ve seen her since the last photo of unpatched jeans and today was only a short outing. Next time.

I think i underestimated just how covered in sand and tan bark they’d get today but never mind. I only used 42g of 100g Zauberball so I reckon I’ll be knitting replacements somewhere down the line.

We took Alice to a special playground opening today. An event that we’d all been anticipating for some time. You may recall last year we took her to an opera in the park event at the still-new National Arboretum. The arboretum (you should hear her say it – it’s so cute) has been built to replace the expanse of forest that was destroyed in the fires that tore through Canberra ten years ago. It’s controversial and beautiful).

When we heard that the wonderful new playground was opening today, we made sure we went along. The below freezing temperatures of the early morning gave way to a glorious blue sky day and allowed for hundreds of children to go wild.


These giant acorns are just one part of the playground. Climbing up into them was a challenge for many kids – more than a few found it a bit overwhelming and high and had to be rescued but Alice and many others were just the right age for it and more than ready for the challenge.


Standing below I could hear her saying to herself ‘You can do it, Alice! You can do it!’ And she did do it, with all the ecstatic triumph afterwards of a brave and successful climber.


You may remember in the last post I said I’d lost one of the legwarmers? I found it that afternoon, hiding under a hat on the bench. They’re so little, so easily lost. All the ribbing pulls in tight and makes them look, unworn, like skinny rainbow snake skins. Today she jumped, and fell, and scraped her legs along the ground and I was reminded how very rough and energetic children can be at play. I really don’t imagine they’ll last long but then her love of bright, gaudy colours (this colourway is aptly called Tropical Fish) won’t last forever either.

I’m quite taken with the Zauberball as something fun to knit with though. It’s soft and lush and the colours are eye poppingly fun to watch as they come off the ball.

I got stuck at Parliament House during Question Time last week and had to kill 90minutes waiting to get a job done and so I sat in the courtyard and worked on the second legwarmer. To be working on such vibrant knitting in the quiet, shady courtyard while our leaders took part in the pre-election circus made me smile.


The pattern was just a simple rib tube found here. I made them a little shorter than the pattern since I wanted them from knee to ankle, not thigh to ankle as the pattern seemed to suggest.

Alice thinks I need some, too. I think the jury is out on that decision.



16 thoughts on “Rainbow Legwarmers

  1. Gorgeous leg warmers and just right for little ones. I am waiting eagerly for my 1st Zauberball which I just bought in a destash as I am also intrigued (like Alice) with the colors.

  2. One of my four year olds was on my knee as I read your post, and exclaimed that she wanted rainbow legs too and begged me to make some! They do look very cute and snuggly, and cheerful to knit too.

  3. And I just ripped the knee of my jeans and had to pull out the embroidery floss and make some colorful fixes.

    I love the zauberballs. Watching the colors unwind willy nilly is so much fun.

  4. I think G and Alice would have a blast together. G never matches herself. When we see colorful clothes, we say, “That looks like G.” When she drew a picture of herself and her dad as part of the father’s day book the kids put together for him, she drew herself in brightly colored clothes. 😉

    That playground looks awesome. My kids want to go there now!

  5. Great post! What a gorgeous playground – but even the picnic table at the Parliament House looks nicer than any we have!

  6. I remember being torn all the time between wanting my kids’ handknits never to get subjected to their wear and being delighted to see them wearing those handknits right out! Steve was in Australia for the past fortnight and has come back full of tales of your election – quail recipes and blue ties to names but two. Circus does sound about right – probably true for all elections anywhere though.

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