Hats galore!

As the school holidays approached, I set about quickly knitting a couple of hats for Alice and her cousin Willem. Willem was coming to Canberra for the school holidays, an event that’s happened twice now and I’m sure will happen next year. He’s getting older now (nine, for those of you who have been reading since 2006 when he was but a toddler!) and is confident enough to come interstate for the holidays.

The first hat off the needles was a repeat knit for Alice. Queenie by Woolly Wormhead. I’ve made this a few times now. The first I made for her has worn thin; the second was sadly lost the day we chased the Skywhale all over town. This time I made it from some green Zara i had in the stash. Alice, who nearly always sings the praises of anything purple, declared green her new favourite colour. So easily pleased at four, aren’t they?


I love this hat so much and I’ll happily knit it over and over though Zara does knit up at a slightly finer gauge than DK so it’s turned out a little small.

I handed it to Alice who said ‘It’s quite small.’ Oh. Is it now? Well she is starting to be able to judge these things so why not say so? It fits, but snugly.

Next was a stripey hat for Willem. He had seen the rainbow stripes of Alice’s legwarmers and said he wanted a rainbow hat. I am nothing if not compliant on such matters and so I bought some Noro in a suitably rainbowy colourway and before I knew it, practically overnight, I had finished a Luuk hat for him. What a fun knit!


It almost didn’t happen though. Right near the end, the Noro Kureyon ran out and I was on the verge of ripping when Sean said ‘no no surely you have something in a similar weight and tone you can finish it off with?’ He was right, you know. I was too impulsive. I quickly found some Canopy by the Fibre Company in a suitably matching grey and the crown was finished.


I think it works. It’s not perfect but it’s a good enough match for me. Willem and his parents all thought it was very stylish and a good fit for him. A bit 9yo boy does hipster, yes?

We had a wonderful few days together. Alice and Willem are as thick as thieves and they kept our usually quiet house alive with the most insane silly talk I’ve ever heard. Delightful in every possible way.

The highlight of the visit was, for me at least, the ice skating. Set up in the city, the temporary rink was at first scary but by the end of the 90 minute slot, I was the last one on skates (having never skated before, mind you!).

Ice skating in the cityWe had a ball. Happiness is making memories such as these, isn’t it?



19 thoughts on “Hats galore!

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  2. The hats are wonderful, and your husband has obviously been well educated by you!

    I agree with you about making joyful memories – my current favourite is the small people taking turns to read to me at night…

  3. There’s a snow machine on the boardwalk at the shore. It looks great from afar but up close it’s foamy and not so pleasant.

    I love that Alice and Willem are friends. That is an irreplaceable relationship.

  4. We had a rink down the road when I was little and we went skating quite a lot. I always worry about falling over and someone skating over my fingers: ugh!! Well done Alice, green is indeed the best colour!! Clever Sean, he has well and truly been inculcated with knitting skills!! Great hats and definitely needed in the icy cold!!

  5. Gorgeous hats, both of them! Love the ice skating shot too – we have a temporary one up the road from us at Hampton court palace every winter and it is so much fun!

  6. It is not only happiness for makers (like us) but for the children who receive them. One day, all grown up, they will look at pictures and remember the colors of the hat, its feel, and how special receiving it made them feel!

  7. I’m back knitting Wolly Wormhead hats at the moment too – such great patterns. I’ve headed over to her adult hats as well know too. Always interesting designs and construction.

  8. Good for you — daring to ice skate! When I was a kid, we lived on a creek so we could skate right behind our house. Haven’t done it for years — and given my broken leg, I don’t think I’ll be doing it anytime soon!

    What a lovely time you had with Alice and Willem. Those are the memories that life is all about.

  9. Those hats look perfect for the cold weather we are having. How cool and wonderful that you took them ice skating, what fun! I have never been but have roller skated before but I am sure it isnt the same thing.

  10. that green is such a great colour for Alice, and the tip of Willem’s hat looks meant to be – great save!

    how wonderful for you all to have these types of holidays to make memories, too. lucky kids, lucky aunt & uncle 🙂

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