Lace Kelly Gloves

All winter I’ve known I wanted, and actually needed a new pair of fingerless mittens. All previous pairs were either lost or worn through. Each morning at the bus stop as the temperature plummeted, I thought to myself why have I not knit more handwear yet?

The a few weeks ago and friend and I treated ourselves to a little splurge from Tangled Yarns. 

The lovely people who make that great wool wash, Soak, put out gift boxes that included sock yarn, specially dyed, with a bottle of Soak, a hand cream, nail polish and a pattern. It was pricey but too delicious to ignore. Each box was a different colour and I went for the teal box. The yarn was by Lorna’s Laces and when it arrived I was delighted – and also failed to photograph it.

Here, however, are the fingerless mitts which I made in the blink of an eye. The pattern is amusingly called Lace Kelly.

These photos were taken on the same day out as the last post, at the Arboretum Playground with my sisters and their offspring. All a bit of fun.

UntitledIsn’t the colour amazing? I just loved it and as someone else pointed out, the design of them is a little like cathedral windows.

If was more organised I’d have painted my nails in the matching colour but you’ll have to believe me when I tell you my toenails are teal green and the mitts were washed in lovely Soak and my hands are soothed by the cream.


If you come across the Soak gift boxes, they’re delightful for a friend or as a splurge for yourself. A lovely idea with a nice range of colours and patterns. The kind of marketing I was happy fall victim to. The whole thing just made me happy.


And in the morning at the bus stop, I’m able to tap away on my phone or rifle through my bag for my bus pass with warm hands. Fingerless mitts obviously don’t work in all climates but on mornings when it’s extra especially cold, I just tucked my fingers inside them – they’re just loose enough.

And I like the name – Lace Kelly. It’s kind of cute.



12 thoughts on “Lace Kelly Gloves

  1. Such a cute idea and the colour is beautiful. I’d like to think it would have suited Grace Kelly, and she was a very Cathedral person too. I can only usually find one glove or mitten. Sigh!!

  2. They are gorgeous! You may move me to make a pair of mitts. I have never thought they would be of much use since it always my fingers that get cold but they are so pretty I may have to change my mind.

  3. so sweet. such a great colour, and the lace is a little gothic like cathedral windows, I see that!

    fingerless mitts and gloves are so much more practical than their full-fingered cousins, aren’t they?

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