Tappan Zee Cardigan

All good things have their day, don’t they? Several years ago now I decided I wanted to make a Tappan Zee cardigan, a pattern from Knitty in 2010. Eventually, I did, just this month. My sister told me recently she would love a new cardigan and on a weekend we were together in early July, we trawled through Ravelry and found the lightweght, short sleeve, pretty cardigan she had in mind. That same afternoon we found some pink Cascade Ultra Pima at Tangled Yarns – she went home and a week later I began knitting.

I set myself the task of getting it done in two and a half weeks because that was the date of her next visit. Crazy? I don’t think so. I knew a sleeveless, top down piece with only one section requiring concentration would be just fine. I thought it would be close. I had visions of myself pulling an all nighter close to her visit, but in the end it wasn’t necessary. I finished it with two days to spare. And here she is modelling it.

These photos were taken by Adele’s husband, early one Monday morning when we were all freezing and they were getting ready to drive back to Sydney.

Tappan Zee Cardigan

After some initial misgivings about the needle size – I had gone down a needle size because others had said theirs had turned out a bit loose, a little wide around the neck – I think the fit turned out just perfect for her.

Tappan Zee cardigan - backI added some waist shaping to the sides – about five decreases and then five increases and I left off the repeat of the diamond pattern that’s supposed to be around the bottom. I added a row of eyelets instead. We both felt that additional diamonds at the bottom was overkill and the eyelets were just enough.

Tappan Zee was such a fun knit. The top section really only took about four days – two of those were a freezing cold weekend when we didn’t leave the house much. The body itself took a bit over a week. Just bus knitting, a few lunch times, most evenings. Project monogamy does work!

UntitledIt was so worth focusing on it and getting it done for her return to Canberra. I loved knitting something she had chosen herself, in beautiful soft cotton that will work in the Sydney climate as a nice layering piece. It’s pretty and pink, just the way she likes things. I know she’ll wear it and love it.

Next, I make one for myself. I can’t let her have all the fun!



20 thoughts on “Tappan Zee Cardigan

  1. Ooh! I love this pattern. I’ve been meaning to ask you for ages what your favorite little girl pattern was. I want to make a baby gift for a little girl and I have no experience in that quarter! 😉 Miss chatting with you. And, btw, did you take that lovely pic of the lichen crusted metal fence on your banner? Gorgeous!

  2. What a gorgeous shade if pink!!

    Couldnt reply to your comment on blogger. I’m CAROLLEEG on Instagram.  Totally hooked on it.  I’m heading over to the US in November, watch out then!!  Ha. I just searched BELLSKNITS but nothing came up.  What are you on it as?

  3. Such a lovely cardi. I like your mods as well 🙂 I think I have this in my Favourites on Rav……must move it to my queue!!

  4. Hi bells, I have had that pattern in my folder for ages! I’m going to have to knit it next I think. I love it in pink. Your sister is blessed to have you! It is so pretty and versatile! You are such a speedy knitter too! I love it when you can adapt a pattern to suit the wearer. Yep, it’s definitely on my list!
    Fay (previously known as Faeryfay, I also changed my blog address) 🙂

  5. It looks great! I’m surprised the Knitty write-up didn’t reference the Tappan Zee bridge in NY–I assume that was the inspiration? (Maybe I missed it?) Google Image it, see what you think!

  6. I always look at the pattern and like it and it is even lovelier in imaginary Real Life. What a kind sister you are. I like the waist shaping and the lack of extra triangles!!

  7. Thanks so much. I didn’t expect it until next Winter to be honest. I really love it. Thanks so much babe! (Snort)!

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