About Bells

My name is Helen but my nickname is Bells. It’s a family nickname that goes back to the 80s.

I love to knit.


I’ve dabbled in knitting and crochet since childhood but really took to knitting with the full force of a new obsession in 2003/2004. I knitted in isolation for a long time then found a local group and then blogs and everything just fell into place after that. I’ve had a difficult decade and sometimes I wonder what state I’d be in if I hadn’t found the magic and colour of knitting when I did. Overstatement? I don’t think so.


I used to blog at Bellsknits, on blogger, but moved to wordpress, and my own domain, on 1 January 2010. The old blog is still there. One day I’ll get it compiled into print in case blogger ever disappears into a black hole.

Egeblad Doily

I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband Sean and three chickens. The two children you’ll see in photos on the blog from time to time are my niece and nephew who are a huge part of our lives and two of my favourite knitwear models.


In Threes Cardigan

And Willem.

Willem's Jacket

They’re cousins, not siblings but I think in these photos, with their knitwear in matching colours, they definitely look related.

As well as writing about knitting, I like to write about food, my chickens, books and writing, music, gardening and once in a while, essays. You’ll find here writing and photos capturing mostly my creative life.

I think my two favourite things to knit are lace shawls and cardigans. I’ve got a growing collection of both.

You can contact me at bellsknits at gmail dot com .

Thanks for reading! It means a lot.



7 thoughts on “About Bells

  1. Lovely website Bells! I adore the pic of you with your nephew in the little cardi you knitted for him; heartwrenching, I know just what that feels like. I have knitted the Veyla mitts too – they are a terrific pattern aren’t they? It
    was so nice to meet you today, I look forward to getting to know you better in the future.

    cheers, Julie.

  2. Hi Helen,
    Emma, my daughter sent me this blog today. I knew of you before from her. Wow, how much you two and I have in common. Keep up the good work and fingers crossed for all the other stuff (you know what I mean – Em has been there too!)
    Kind regards from far east Gippsland where we had the pleasure of Em’s visit for Mother’s Day and until Tuesday afternoon.
    ps. I do doll’s house knitting – must be mad, the fattest wool I use for that is 2 ply, but mainly I use DMC medici wool.

  3. Hey old friend! How are things down under?

    Glad you’ll be joining us on the Evenstar Mystery Shawl KAL. sign up button is on the right hand sidebar at the top.

    Good to hear from you. hope all is well

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